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How to Get a Free For Sale by Owner Yard Sign!

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Free For Sale by Owner Yard Sign

Special announcement! The Selling Table is giving away FREE For Sale by Owner yard signs! We are providing this value to property owners free of charge, and we couldn’t be more excited to offer them to those getting ready to list their property for sale. If you sign up for The Selling Table’s coordination service before you list, you’ll be awarded your free yard sign to place on your property to let your community, and any passerby, know your property is for sale.

The Plan

I have been thinking about something The Selling Table can do to help those who are considering selling their home as a for sale by owner, but are not sure if it’s right for them. What is something that everyone thinks of when officially putting their property on the market? A yard sign! Well, let us take a yard sign off your pre-sale shopping checklist! The Selling Table yard signs display “For Sale by Owner”, which shows potential buyers that you are happy to represent, stand behind, and sit down with them to negotiate a mutually beneficial deal. Then the logo on the sign shows you are working with a professional who will make sure the transaction goes a lot smoother and safer. Lastly, there is space for owners to put their phone number or other special message.

Are Yard Signs Still Effective?

A yard sign is just one piece to a great marketing plan when listing your real estate, but it is still a tried-and-true method to get some eyeballs on your property. A lot of homeowners aren’t very excited about neighbor’s prying eyes, but when it’s time to sell, they can be a real help spreading the word and what better way to get their attention than with a yard sign? Did you know that up to 46% of home buyers still consider a yard sign to be a key source of house hunting? The average move for a typical home buyer is about 9 miles, so there is a good chance your property’s new owner, or someone they know, is going to be driving by that sign in your yard. Of course, there are plenty of other methods everyone should consider to bring more awareness to their home listing, but there are few that are as easy and practical as a yard sign. I recently read an article stating that about 10% of homes purchased were originally found through a yard sign.

Executing the Plan

A special thank you to Jonathan Harner and Nathaniel Rainey with Design Complete of Washington, Indiana for being super easy to work with. I was fortunate to be chatting with Nathaniel when he mentioned the sign shop and I immediately thought about this yard sign project that I hadn’t yet put together. I stopped by the shop and met Jonathan who did a rough mockup on the spot and offered a great turn time but delivered even faster than promised. I pulled in to pick them up a few days later in the pouring rain and Jonathan even helped load them up in my vehicle. I then whisked these beautiful signs off to a location safe from the ensuing monsoon. It’s great seeing other small businesses here in Southern Indiana doing excellent work!

The Delivery

Are you, or someone you know, ready to list a home, land, or commercial property? Here’s how to get your yard sign: Call or text (812) 217-7002 or email to get the details. I’ll be happy to deliver to any location we currently serve. These signs are only available while we have supply, so don’t delay! I’d be happy to meet anyone to sit down and discuss how you can save money on your transaction by listing as a For Sale by Owner.

7 Yard Sign Tips

For Sale by Owner Yard Sign

Here are a few quick tips and tricks to get the most out of a yard sign:

  1. Put in a highly visible area but do not block any important signs or object.

  2. Attach an eye catcher, like balloons or windmills. If you are extremely bored, go out and twirl your sign around like a mattress discount factory mascot. LOL

  3. Keep your sign clean and make sure your phone number or message is written clearly and easy to read

  4. If you have a large property, multiple signs may be helpful to get more visibility

  5. Don’t take your sign down until your sale closes- if your deal falls through for any reason, back up offers can be a huge time and money saver.

  6. A yard sign may not be for you. Everyone’s situation is different. Consider if you are ok with that level of exposure on your property. Is the property vacant? Adding a yard sign may not be the best starting point in all situations.

  7. As mentioned before, yard signs are one piece of a great marketing plan for your property. Couple it with other methods such as a Facebook and/or Zillow For Sale by Owner listing to really maximize the amount of people that will be considering your real estate as a potential buyer.

What is The Selling Table?

If you would like to know how a real estate transaction coordinator can help save you money on your upcoming listing, give us a call, check out our website, or read some of our educational real estate blog articles. The Selling Table makes it easy for you to tackle the For Sale by Owner process. From preparing to sell, to the paperwork, to the closing table your transaction coordinator makes it a breeze to sell your real estate.

For Sale by Owners usually save thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars on their costs related to selling their property when compared to listing with a realtor.

Where Does The Selling Table Serve?

The Selling Table Service Area

The Selling Table Serves many communities across southern Indiana. We are happy to meet you at your location of choosing, over the phone, or virtually online. Our main service area spans most of Southwest Indiana- north to south from Bloomington to Evansville and east to west from Bedford to Vincennes. If you are not in that area but interested to see if we can help serve you, please reach out today!

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