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The Selling Table
For Sale by Owner Real Estate Agency

Save Big on Your Next Real Estate Deal!

We walk you through the For Sale by Owner process!

About Us


Our Story

"I am ready to sell my house, but I have no clue where to start, but I am not willing to pay a 6% (or higher) commission when I can find a buyer myself."


We've heard this from countless people.  Either go to a traditional real estate agent and pay 6% or go it completely alone with a traditional FSBO (for sale by owner) transaction.

However, many of these FSBO property sellers are unfamiliar with the process of selling real estate and all that needs considered to help the process go smoothly, without missing any crucial aspects for the transaction that could leave them in a very sticky situation.

Sellers need an option where they can decide how much help they need, and have an expert there to help coordinate those steps along the way, for far less cost than a traditional real estate agent!

Seeing the need for a better solution for customer's demands, we started The Selling Table to add value to Indiana communities, with the hopes to help save money for property owners.

Who We Are

​The Selling Table is a For Sale by Owner real estate broker company for property owners who want to sell their real estate without paying a high realtor commission. We help facilitate your transaction from start to finish. Your agent walks you through everything you'll need. From helping you get ready to list, to paperwork, to the closing table, The Selling Table is right there by your side to help make your transaction a successful one.


Our agents provide a free up-front consultation and a pre-sale checklist to help you get ready to sell your property.  Once you have found a buyer, your agent will provide you with top notch service, helping you through the paperwork and updating you along the way.

Selling a property can be confusing, time consuming, and a little scary.  Having a professional real estate agent from The Selling Table to lean on can help you breathe easier!

Our Vision

We aspire to give people and businesses the tools and references they need to have a safe and affordable transaction.  Giving property sellers the confidence and assistance of a real estate professional in their corner, at a fraction of the price.


Purchase Agreement Made Easy

Our easy online questionnaire walks you through many of the questions you'll need to consider as you negotiate with your potential buyer.

Ordering Service

Sit back and relax.  We can help order all the services you may need.  Title work, inspections, surveys, appraisals and more.  We will help coordinate and navigate through your transaction

What We Offer

The Selling Table 
can help you save thousands of dollars!


Need an experienced consultant at your call?  We are here to answer any questions or concerns along the way.


Throughout your transaction, we will collect all your records and present you with a copy of them at the finalization of your transaction.  


Deep Industry Knowledge

With over 8 years in the real estate and banking industry, and involvement in over 1000 purchase transactions.  We understand every real estate transaction is unique.   We strive to identify the potential pitfalls and dangers before they happen, but if they do happen, we can provide a clear plan to navigate you on your next steps. 

Top Service at a Fraction of the Price

 Let us help you save a majority of the expense but still give you excellent service you need to get your deal done!  In many situations, you can save thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars on your real estate transaction.  

Why Us
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